About Newman

We are currently a parish of just over three hundred households from the Eau Claire area. As a parish we provide pastoral care, religious instruction for all ages, and many of the normal activities you would expect to find in a parish. We also support the Regis Catholic School System in Eau Claire.

The Newman Parish in Eau Claire was founded as a parish of the Diocese of La Crosse in 1969. At that time Bishop Freking established the parish to provide a stable community with the mission of providing a parish community and campus ministry for UWEC and CVTC. At nearly the same time we entered into an ecumenical partnership with University Lutheran Church (National Lutheran Campus Ministry, ELCA) and established the Ecumenical Religious Center.

The physical facility of the Ecumenical Religious Center (ERC) is now the shared home for two congregations; The Newman Parish and University Lutheran Church. We are located near the lower campus of UWEC, next to Hibbard Hall.  Within the ERC you will find our worship space, study lounges for students, staff offices, meeting rooms, a kitchen, and a social hall.

We hope you come to visit soon!

ERC Worship Space

ERC Worship Space

Casual Study Areas

Meeting Spaces