Baptism and Marriage


Please contact the parish office well in advance of the date you anticipate for baptism.  The baptism of a first child requires the parents to receive some education on the sacrament and the ritual itself.  Baptism may be done either during a weekend Mass or following the Mass.

Adults who would like to be baptized are typically asked to go through a formation process called the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA).  Please contact staff member Savannah Siegler for more information about this process.


Because sacraments are normally to be celebrated in the parish in which a person is a member, we encourage couples anticipating marriage to celebrate this sacrament in the parish where one or both is registered and active.  Often times for younger couples this will be the parish where their parents are registered.  Exceptions are sometimes made for couples not registered in a parish but who have significant ties to the Newman community. Inquiries about marriage should be done at least six months in advance of the anticipated date of the wedding.  Contact the  parish office for more information.