Discernment Group

What Does God Want?

What should I major in? What career should I pursue? What is my vocation in life? Who should I spend time with this weekend? Where should I live next year?

Starting Fall 2016, Fr. Dan and Savannah will be hosting a monthly discernment group. Put simply, discernment is a decision-making process that seeks to know the Will of God and and to align our own wills with His. This is no simple task, and often involves much prayer, conversation with other discerners or spiritual guides, and an openness of heart and mind.

The group will meet monthly on a Sunday afternoon for a meal, short presentation, small group discussion and quiet time for prayer and reflection. Our goal is to simple assist college students in becoming more aware of God’s presence and guidance in their lives, and supporting them as they make many decisions that will have a life-long impact, for them and for others! The Lord is always present to us, calling us to Himself!

Dates: January 29th, February 26th, and March 12th
12:45-2:45 (after the 11:30 Mass)fullsizerender